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Avaliani Brothers

  • Since 2016, our team of technologists has been involved in the development of the company, in the establishment of a dairy base in Upper Adjara, in the production of products and in the opening of sales channels.
  • In 2021, our engineering team calculated the production capacity of the company, the capacity and quantity of technological equipment required for production, developed a technological project after which a complete architectural project was prepared, and until its completion, our group performs project supervision.
  • This year, in Upper Adjara, in the village of Makhuntseti,a wine factory will be set up for companies and equipped with modern technological equipment and wine vessels, as well as other production equipment.
  • This year, with the participation of our technological group, grapes will be received and processed, a full technological cycle will be carried out and finished products will be received.
  • To this day, we participate in making effective technological and engineering decisions for the company.
  • At this stage, the construction of the enterprise is underway.

Project Details

Client name
Brothers Avaliani LLC
Development of technological and architectural project / Further processes are underway.